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"Xtreme Diaper Hospital"

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46 minutes playing time
Featuring Belle and Lana

A Triple X Rated diaper lover full length movie.
Two hot diapered nurses sucking and fucking their diapered patient

A new nurse has started at Xtreme Diaper Hospital the first port of call for incontinence, weak bladders and no bladder control at all.
Her superior explains all staff must wear and use diapers. She shows young and sexy Melanie her own disposable and puts one on Melanie. She lustfully admires Melanie's young, slim and tight figure. Both nurses are getting horny and are soon tongue kissing, licking nipples but mostly caressing each other's ass and pussy through their diapers. They love the crinkly sound their hands make as they move across and knead the diaper material.

A new patient is due. They dress and compose themselves just in time.
The patient is a very fit male who is always wetting himself. He shows them how his jeans are wet right now.
The nurses lead him off to the treatment area to do a thorough physical examination of his bladder, cock and balls before putting him a disposable diaper
They undress him and while massaging, and examining his cock Melanie remarks what a great cock he has. Lana tells her in no uncertain terms that sex with patients is very much against the rules but Lana does agree he has a nice cock. She thinks it is a shame that they are about to tuck inside a diaper.
Sneakily she sends Melanie out to fetch baby powder and while she is alone she rubs the cock with lube until it is rock hard. Then she slides the tip of it in her mouth to give him a combination hand and blow job when Melanie cannot see her
When Melanie returned and the finished diapering their lucky patient

Late at night when on her own doing the night shift, nurse Melanie comes in to check their patient's diaper. It is dry but she wants that cock. Bad. She leans over to suck him until he is massively erect. She then untapes her disposable and straddles him on the bed, lowering her dripping cunt on his shaft. His thick cock stretches her tight young pussy wide but she loves it. She rides him hard, fucking for all she is worth to an amazing orgasm.

Suddenly Lana walks in and yells at her to get off. She is sacked. Melanie whimpers out of the room. But Lana wants that diapered cock too so she instructs the patient to fuck her hard from behind until she cums.

Morning and Lana has softened her attitude to Melanie. After all, she could not resist that diapered cock either.

Time for a diaper change and both nurses combine to make the best of the task. But before they tape on the new diaper they both lick and suck this massive thick cock together then work on each other while stroking the cock.

Finally Lana confirms Melanie can stay in the job and the nurses tape on the diaper and leave their patient to contemplate what will happen next....

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